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Please Note ~ No peanut orders will be processed or shipped April 30, 2018 thru May 9, 2018.

If there is a difference in shipping charges when we package your peanut order, we will contact you to confirm before shipping.
Peanuts are a tradition in our area of the US, known as the Virginia-Carolina region. While many people prefer to order peanuts from our area's retailers cooked "gourmet style", they also like to order them as raw redskins. This allows you to cook your own and either eat them roasted or add them as an ingredient to your favorite recipe.
Our raw, shelled peanuts are available in either a 3 lb. cloth bag, a 5 lb. cloth bag, or in a bulk box. Only the current crop year is available, and every effort is made to ensure freshness. Remember that it is recommended that raw peanuts be cooked before being eaten.
These peanuts are certified as being grown by our member farmers in the Virginia-Carolina growing area, as evidenced by the certification logo on each bag. A cooking and storage information brochure is included in each bag.
Peanuts ordered from this site are raw, shelled redskin peanuts which means they are out of the shell. 
Please note: We do not ship outside USA due to high shipping costs. Maximum quantity of 20 bags: if you would like to order more than 20 bags, please call us at 757.562.4103.

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