What do our customers say about our peanuts?

The Peanut Growers Cooperative Marketing Association believe they produce the best peanuts in the world, and peanut lovers agree. We were honored to receive these comments recently from some of our happy customers:

"I have been buying peanuts from PGCMA for a number of years. We have found the peanuts to be of top quality and reasonable prices. The staff has always been pleasant to do business with. When I need to order, I just give them a phone call and they are so nice to talk with and offer really fast shipping of my orders. I can call my order in one day and have the peanuts the next day.

We enjoy these peanuts all year long. Just toast them in the microwave and they make an excellent daily snack. We have been giving our friends peanuts for Christmas gifts for a number of years and they really enjoy getting them."

~ A Satisfied Customer, Dale and Nancy Stewart

"I was referred to PGCMA several years ago by a friend, telling me to order from them, and choose peanuts as a healthy snack. I am hooked!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the peanuts, and how quickly my order is filled and delivered to my home. I will never forget the first time I ordered, I was told that I would be sent an invoice with my order. Who knew that in today's world, there was still a sense of trust that I would pay my bill, sight unseen. The staff is always fast & courteous when I call, and I will always keep coming back, 40 pounds at a time!"

~ Todd Jordan

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