What do our customers say about our peanuts?

The Peanut Growers Cooperative Marketing Association believe they produce the best peanuts in the world, and peanut lovers agree. We were honored to receive this letter recently from one of our happy customers:

"Ever since I was tall enough to see the candy and hot nuts counter at the local Sears and Roses stores, I have loved redskin peanuts from our area. One of my hobbies is cooking so I started to dabble in cooking my own peanuts. I have bought in-shell, shelled and blanched raw peanuts from many farmer's markets, stores and sometimes even direct from peanut farmers. All of the peanuts in our part of Virginia are pretty good as far as peanuts go.

Then I discovered the Peanut Growers Cooperative Marketing Association. What a find! This is, by far, the best raw peanut source I have ever found. They have the best, biggest, freshest peanuts on Earth.

I have been all over the world and there is no comparison whatsoever, PERIOD. Most of the peanuts around the world are half the size...and in my opinion, have half the taste.

Once you try these peanuts, no other will satisfy the palate of the true peanut lover. I almost do not want to share this, but it would not be fair to the hard-working farmers. Everyone likes a secret source and everyone that tries the peanuts that I cook want to know where I got them - they are that great.

These are the tastiest peanuts around, with large crunchy bursts of peanut flavor. Gourmet peanuts at their best, by far. The only way to get peanuts like this is to buy at a high-end, gourmet retail outfit.

If you like cooking your own peanuts, this is a no brainer. Impress your friends and family with peanuts better than any you will find at peanut gift shops. Thank you PGCMA."

~ Carl Burris, Hampton, Virginia

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